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Short History

OFFCON GmbH was founded 1989 by Capt. Dipl.-Ing. Harald Hübner and Capt. Dipl-Ing. Ralf Tewes. Main focus at that time was training and development of training- and operations documentation for the main client CPC (China Petroleum Corporation) in Taiwan.

During this engagement officers and operators were trained in seabed research (SONAR and MAD) and deep diving operations (air and mixed gas) as well as the use of ROV.

For another governmental client in Far-East the development of a diver training centre for offshore and military divers was planned, including a training scheme and the required hardware.

Since the beginning of the offshore wind sector in northern Europe OFFCON is focussing on practical operational aspects and the optimization of processes and hardware. We have contributed to various offshore wind projects in northern Europe and have developed a sound background in this newly developing field of the offshore industry.

Our Competences

Our founders are ex Navy Officers and focus on shiphandling, operational skills as well as safety oriented performance.

We encorporate competences in civil engineering, marine engineering, offshore diving, ROV operation and most of all ship handling, management of heavy-lift and offshore construction operation.

Our Master Mariners have participated in several offshore wind projects, controlling offshore jack-up barges as Barge Masters, driving heavy-lift jack-up DP vessels and overseeing complex installation works. They are experienced heavy-lift Captains, Senior Dynamic Positioning Operators (SDPO) and skilled ROV-pilots. They have acted as Owner Representative during ship-building projects of heavy-lift jack-up DP-vessels, have acted as Sea-Trial Captain and have set up the operation of such vessels in offshore wind projects, including development of comprehensive project- and vessel documentation. They are recognized Training-Captains for offshore projects and train Captains, Officers, Crane Operators, DPOs and Heavy-Lift Supervisors.


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Our Goals

From our above described profound experience we have developed further to consultants and provide our knowledge as a stepstone to optimized planning and operation in the offshore wind industry.

Our general goal is to enhence knowledge and proficiency in the offshore wind industry and to contribute to optimization of processes and hardware to achieve a high level of performance under the regime of safety.