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Quality Management

The offshore wind industry is starting to develop a similar quality philosophy as the oil & gas industry is operating since many years. Auditing of contractors and sub-contractors is becoming a standard procedure.

Auditing includes the QA system, operating procedures, personnel management, risk analysis and management as well as involved hardware be it vessels, tools or service providers such as helicopter operators.

Our auditors are available to perform audits in all aspects. For vessel auditing we mainly focus on IMCA CMID but on client request all other forms are available as well.

We will be happy to assist in developing and introducing an audit scheme and provide all auditing services out of one hand with standardized streight forward reporting for our client.

Compliance Observation/Controlling

Our experts act as owners, charterers or underwriters on scene eyes and observe on a 24/7 bases adherence to rules, regulations, procedures and methods.

Process Analysis

Based on the on scene observation of our QA we analyse processes, tools and arrangements and provide advices and guidance to the PIC (person in charge) as well as to the design departments in the shore based organisation for optimization.

Dynamic Risk-Assessment

As part of the "management of change process" our on board QA will actively participate in on scene dynamic risk assessment to provide quick reaction to overcome obstacles during the installation process with strong focus on safety.

Design and Optimization of training matrix

Well selected and well trained personnel are the key to installation success. We assist in designing a qualification matrix to facilitate selection of personnel and training matrix to provide optimum training design a safely performing team and  keeping budgetary requirements observed.