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The MPOV-Wind Family Philosophy

The MPOV-wind family is a tailor made, extremely flexible and cost efficient, modular vessel family designed for the special requirements of the offshore wind industry. When we decided to invest in our own vessel development in order to fill some identified gaps we set three major tasks to achieve:

  1. We want to be able to perform 80% of the offshore wind tasks at 90% of weather time at competitive rates.
  2. We want to reduce costs by providing a lean, intelligent platform with only three ‘luxury’ equipment:
    • Redundant dynamic positioning (DP-2) with a powerful capability plot.
    • Direct access system for safe transfer of personnel to the WTG up to 3,5mHs.
    • A heave and motion compensated man-riding certified crane, able to deliver e.g. a 6’ container onto the WTG platform at up to 3,0mHs.
  3. We want to improve offshore wind turbine installation process planning by providing a vessel that can be used for multiple roles during the construction and the O&M phase. Vessel availability and also contract risks during each of the phases but especially during the transition between the two phases are reduced significantly by our MPOV-62 that can be a construction support vessel and can be quickly re-mobilized to be a service and accommodation vessel – so one vessel serves throughout installation and operation. The risk of vessel breakdown or excessive workload is reduced by pooling vessels.

We decided to make use of a catamaran design as this solution offers the highest flexibility, a stable platform, huge deck space and efficient / economic performance. The design and outfitting represents many years of offshore and ship management experience.

The consistent modular design provides for multi role capability in simultaneous or successive operations. The huge deck space allows carrying stand-by equipment for seldom roles without the requirement of a port call for re-mobilization. Due to the MPOV-32 and MPOV-62 extremely modular, flexible and performing design they will suffer minimal periods of unhired time. Some not so urgent tasks may be postponed to periods of slack time providing for a very good charter load factor.

Besides the a.m. means we are focusing on cost reduction e.g. by installing a smart and efficient power generation plant capable for dual fuel (Diesel and LNG) and adaption to various power requirement scenarios. We reduce crew requirement by intelligent arrangement of integrated technology. Crew and maintenance cost are reduced by an efficient shore based maintenance system, supported by a consequent “family design”.

ThePhilosophy in Bullits

  • Performing vessel
  • Concept 80% of the jobs at 90% of the time
  • DP-2 with excellent capability plot
  • Stable platform => catamaran
  • Large deck-space => catamaran
  • Wide range of application from installation support through O&M => consequent modular design
  • A-frame
  • Direct access to WTG up to 3,5mHs
  • WTG platform service (delivery of 6' containers) up to 3,0mHs
  • Daughter craft operation up to 2,5mHs
  • Multi task operations (in parallel or sequential)
  • Short re-mob times => consequent modular design
  • Low down-times / off-hire times => flexible vessel => consequent modular design
  • High logistic performance at WTG => fully motion compensated crane
  • Permanently equipped with own ROV in moon-pool for short notice jobs
  • Economic vessel / Ecological vessel
  • Lean vessel => low basic day rates => only pay for what you get
  • Flexible power generation => hybrid propulsion system => low OPEX on stand-by and during light wx
  • Economic daughter craft => smart hydro-dynamic design
  • Dual fuel ready
  • Blue Angel and Green Ship certified
  • Crew cost reduction by optimized vessel design
  • Reduced maintenance cost => shore based maintenance concept and consistent "family" design
  • Comfortable vessel
  • Only single cabins
  • Comfort class cabins
  • Recreation facilities
  • Internet, telephone and TV
  • Options
  • Moon-pool in cargo deck
  • Heli-deck
  • Daughter crafts in stern LARS (similar to SAR-vessels)
  • Accommodation modules (various sizes, quick re-mob)