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Client Rep Services

To ensure quality of delivered services of contractors it is essential to have experienced and qualified representatives on site.

We provide broad Client Rep (CR) services over a variety of jobs / campaigns. E.g.:

  • UXO survey (sounding)
  • UXO identification / disposal
  • Cable laying (inner array and export)
  • Site assessment (e.g. CPT or bore)
  • Foundation installation
  • Turbine Installation
  • HVDC Sub-Station installation
  • Transport and load out of any of the above
  • any ROV, AUV and diver operations

The CR we assign to the job will be an experienced person in the field of operation.

Based on our vast experience in this field we have developed an online reporting tool (OFFREP), feeding in all project data almost in real time, allowing controllers and project management to receive an up to date KPI evaluation of their project. Ask us for more information - this tool requires early commitment and solid pre-planning to make best use of its capabilities.