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HIRA = Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment

HAZID (hazard identification study), HAZOP (hazard and operability study), OHAS (operational health and safety)

Our team may provide or assist in comprehensive quantified and qualified risk assessment, focusing on specific parts or the whole of an operation including interfaces divided into OHAS and asset risks.

FMEA (failure mode and effect analysis)

For new built DP-Vessels and jacking systems we provide comprehensive FMEA based on WCFDI (worst case failure design intent). As a result of these FMEA we assist in reducing severity and likelyhood of faults by suggesting improvements during early design phase. During delivery of new buildings we perform FMEA tests as part of HAT (harbour acceptance tests) and SAT (sea acceptance tests). As basis of our CoA (Certificate of Approval) we perform FMEA with respect to process segregation and determination of weather windows and weather limitations.

Loss Investigations RCA (root cause analysis)

Determination of value of a damage Survey of repair and improvement works for

  • Cargo damage
  • Damage to installations
  • Hull and machinery