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HSE = health, safety and environment

A well prepared HSE concept is a basic requirement in the offshore industry. Our experienced advisers work with a document management, including revision tracking. OFFCON GmbH has developed a software tool which provides revision tracking and gap-prevention to assure comprehensive documentation.

We also give support in:

HSE concept

We assist in development of an HSE concept taking site and vessel specific requirements into account.

Monitoring of projects

We provide 24/7 HSE on scene coverage on behalf of project owners.

Risk assessment

We assist in general and detailed risk assessment during development of procedures and method statement as well as on scene dynamic R/A during management of change.

Accident analyses

We provide incident and accident investigation services including RCA (root causes analyses) and advices for future prevention of similar incidents.

OFFRISK – The new comprehensive tool

Based on our experience that most risk-assessments are designed in xls or similar forms and consist mostly of copy/paste details we have designed a data based tool allowing consistent risk-assessment, follow-up and controlling by KPI (key performance indicators).

The tool OFFRISK (OFFCON RISK-assessment) is easily custamized and after a short introduction easy to use.

The main difference to other tools is that it is designed by persons that do the job. Thus it provides what the operators need - a clear work-flow and consistency to ensure that control measures are also implemented and do not remain just a piece of paper.

We would be delighted to introduce the tool to our clients and adapt it tou your needs.