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Marine Operations

Marine coordination

We assist in developing marine coordination concepts and procedure and setting up a MCC (marine coordination centre). We provide qualified personnel for 24/7 coverage and emergency response.

Guard-Vessel services

We provide vessel and crew for guard vessel services to offshore wind farm operators.

Nautical advisory

Our experienced experts provide assistance in selection of logistical ports, shelters etc. with respect to optimizing the logistical chain and assist in optimizing processes to suite available facilities.

Research vessel

OFFCON GmbH offers services in site investigation e.g. bathimetry with sidescan sonar, sub bottom profiler or multi-beam sonar for 3-D pictures. Data can be collected and prepared covering all client requirements and be delivered in any client required format, including assessment by respective experts.


Underwater operations are our origin. Coming from NAVY underwater operations (clearance diving and ROV) we have sound knowledge and experience in many uw-operations. Whether diving or ROV, we can provide qualified advice in planning, evaluation, optimizing, selection of partners and tools. We are as well able to provide operational diving- and ROV-services for search and salvage UXO clearance survey research. NDT available technologies are diving on air or mixed gases, ROV with high resolution SONAR and manipulator side-scan-SONAR MAD (magnetic anomaly detector), sub bottom profiler or boomer. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs for any underwater operation!