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Multi-Purpose, the key to Cost Reduction

We provide all below mentioned services with expert personnel from our own group - a "one stop shop" for the client. However we are not shy to co-operate with any client's sub-contractors.

  • Light cargo vessel
  • CTV for large number of PAX e.g. for accommodation platforms
  • WTG service vessel (in field accommodation and service)
  • Grout vessel
  • ROV & diver support vessel
  • Bubble curtain vessel (DBBC)
  • Cable laying vessel
  • Survey, guard and rescue
  • UXO (ammunition) search, recovery and demolition (EOD)
  • Accommodation vessel
  • Combinations of the above
  • ...

The philosophy of the MPOV-Wind family as consistently modular and multi purpose provides for fast mob/de-mob. The huge deck space of our catamaran design provides for enough room for multi roles in parallel or successive. Seldom used roles can be carried with the standard role equipment. Our high quality crew-concept combined with some design solutions help reducing personnel cost and at the same time increase vessel performance flexibility and availability. The family design closes several gaps in operational requirement. Our shore based maintenance strategy contributes to cost reduction significantly.

Safety First! As we believe in the approach that only a safe operation is a cost efficient operation we install an emergency towing hook on all MPOV-Wind family vessels. This reduces response times to protect the asset in case of drifting vessels.

Example: MPOV-62 as Service & Accommodation Vessel during O&M

The lean vessel can be modular fit with accommodation and equipped with two daughter crafts in stern LARS. The accommo- dation modules are of high quality and comfort with single rooms and ensuite bathrooms. The enlargement also incorporates addi- tional mess rooms, recreation facilities and storage space. Rescue equipment will be added to fulfil class requirements. The daugh- ter crafts sufficient for 12 engineers are housed in a stern LARS similar to the proven method of the DGzRS (German Life-Saving Society). They can safely be launched and recovered up to min. 2,5mHs, providing safe return of all engineers from their work sites on the WTG. Additionally the daughter crafts are integrated CTV and can be used for short term exchange of special personnel or ad-hoc logistics. The large deck space allows for cargo (spare parts etc.) and also for equipment to perform a second roll (or more) simultaneously or successively.

Example: MPOV-62 as BBC / Grouting Vessel (combined operation)

Design and multi role capacity provide high potential for econo- mic combined operation. The same vessel may perform the job of two. This picture demonstrates one example only. In this case the MPOV-62 is mobilized as BBC-vessel (big bubble curtain) and also as grout vessel. The idea in this case is, that the MPOV-62 supports the expensive construction vessel during piling (BBC- operation) and after the last hammer blow recovers the BBC-hose in DP-2 and approaches the foundation from the opposite side to substitute the construction vessel for grouting. During the grouting process the construction vessel re-locates to the next foundation, positions, pre-loads and prepares the first pile. Just in time for pile driving the MPOV-62 com- pletes BBC-laying operations after grouting.

Example: MPOV-62 as Cable Laying Vessel

The enormous deck space of the MPOV-62 provides sufficient space for turn tables or drums, tensioner and ROV for trenching. Our concept is a single run cable laying operation. The cable is laid DP-2 supported (tensioner and stinger feed data into the DP- system) and the trencher ROV is launched with the A-frame to bur- ry the cable as required. Documentation is done by USBL and / or separate ROV that can be launched through the hull moon-pool. Both ROV (trencher and survey) can be displayed on the integrated DP-ECDIS for perfect control and documentation. The ‘as built’ documentation is done by our daughter craft using multi-beam SONAR in shallow waters or a survey ROV in deeper waters and is ready on hand immediately after the cable is laid. During operation of the cables (cable under power) maintenance surveys are done by electro-magnetic and / or hydro-acoustic measurement in single run surveys.

Example: MPOV-32 and MPOV-62 as WTG-Installation support vessel

During the installation of tower and turbine both MPOW32 and MPOV-62 are perfect supporters for the costly construction vessel. Additional personnel can be carried on the MPOV and all works after securing of the tower or turbine can be done by these additional personnel and the Jack-Up can proceed to the next location. This is a similar combined operation as described above for foundation installation. Cost efficient and fast!

Example: MPOV-32 as UXO 'all in one' solution

The MPOV-32 is a highly efficient UXO vessel. It can manage all aspects of UXO clearance in one, making best use of the vessel and also reducing influence and delay on other project work. 

UXO-operation 'all in one' include:

  • mulit beam SONAR survey
  • sidescan SONAR search
  • magnetometer search
  • sub-bottom profiler search
  • identification with ROV, deployed at any weather via moon-pool
  • if required air-lifting silt and sand for identification with ROV
  • if possible recovery using ROV or diver if recovery with ROV is not possible
  • EOD (explosive ordnance disposal) by placing a charge with the ROV
  • BBC (big bubble curtain) to protect the environment during explosive works


All the above mentioned operations can be done with the same vessel, making vessel planning extremely simple. Due to the vessel design and arrangement the weather limits for these operations are higher than with todays' players on the market. The efficiency that can be reached with the MPOV-32 provides a significant increase in UXO-clearance speed.

As ex NAVY EOD-divers and MCM-officers (mine counter measures) we can define the required coverage and clearance level with the client and assure the result. Documentation will be done by our own geophysical team and evaluated by UXO specialists. Finally a clearance certificate will be issued, certifying the the requested coverage and clearance level is achieved.

Example: MPOV-32 as O&M vessel

Also the MPOV-32 plays an important role in cost reductionof the offshore wind operation & maintenance (O&M) phase of offshore wind farms (OWF).

It is a perectly equipped platform for all monitoring and small repair and service works. Most of the tasks can be done in one mobilization.

  • ROV operations
    • foundation monitoring (we are currently working on a sound solution for inner jacket navigation)
    • scour monitoring
    • cable monitoring
  • diver operations
  • routine surveys
  • etc.

The MPOV-32 is reasonable in price, performing and an ideal addition to the MPOV-62 during O&M. Due to the high performance it will be efficient to use it in combination with several OWF.