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Vessel Design Consulting

Most vessels in the offshore wind industry are designed before the process details are known to the designer. Looking over the fence the designer uses ideas from other parts of the industry, hoping that they will be a benefit to the vessel under design. We see ourselves contributing to the design of vessels and also tools by concentrating on process optimized ergonometry. We focus on understanding the planned operational flow in all detailed aspects and make use of our intensive experience in the offshore wind industry to assist in optimizing the design in respect to ergonomic aspects in order to make operation smoother and thus faster and safer.

    This may include advice during

    Specification Based on process requirements we assist in designing the vessel specification focussing on practical aspects to reduce downtimes.
    Basic Design We provide operational experience to adapt the basic design to process requirements and interfaces.
    Detail Design The devil is in the detail. During Detail Design assistance our experts focus on industry requirements and interfaces.
    Drawing Approval The complexity of special purpose vessels requires a high level of experience in their operation to identify interface problems and to design the vessel suitable for the very special purpose. Our experienced experts will support the owners and designers with their broad knowledge.
    Deck Layout Optimized deck layout is the key for fast installation. It requires complete process overview, experience and interface knowledge which will be delivered by our experts.
    Tool Design & Selection Be it spreaders, grippers, upending-, levelling- or grounding tools the design providing for smooth processes is cructial for project performance. Design optimization requieres hands on experience.