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Vessel Selection, Audits

The offshore wind industry is starting to develop a similar quality philosophy as the oil & gas industry is operating since many years. Auditing of contractors and sub-contractors is becoming a standard procedure. Auditing includes the QA system, operating procedures, personnel management, risk analysis and management as well as involved hardware be it vessels, tools or service providers such as helicopter operators. Our auditors are available to perform audits in all aspects. For vessel auditing we mainly focus on IMCA CMID but on client request all other forms are available as well. We will be happy to assist in developing and introducing an audit scheme and provide all auditing services out of one hand with standardized streight forward reporting for our client.

Our team is specialized on:
Process Optimized Selection

Each singel vessel required during installation process (construction-, survey-, guard vessel or barges and tugs) has very specific requirements. Vessels may seem suitable but often disappoint if procured without experts advice.

Audits (e.g. CMID....)

Before signing a charter party conformity with statutory, class and industry standarts shall be verified by experienced and qualified nautical and engineering experts auditors to avoid costly surprises.

Suitability Survey

Mobilized vessels and mobilized tools shall be surveyed singularly and as a complete unit for their suitability for their specific job by hands on experienced experts in order to warrant expected performance.

On-Hire Survey

A thorough on hire survey will protect the charterer as well as the owner from unfounded claims at the end of the charter period. It includes a bunker survey, vessel and deck status quo documentation.